Our medical expertise is the prerequisite for your health

About us and our practice

We, the team at Bella & Dent, work every day with a great deal of experience, empathy and continuing education to improve the dental, oral and maxillofacial health of our patients. In doing so, we are always guided by the latest findings from science and research.

Our center for implantology and esthetics is divided into the dental area for implantology and oral surgery and the esthetic area for conservative esthetics, surgical esthetics, facial surgery and preventive medicine. We have a highly qualified team and the most modern equipment. But the most important thing for us is that we take care of our patients. Our care and commitment are what set us apart.

We pay special attention to patients with anxiety. Dental treatments are associated with stress and anxiety for many people. That is why in our practice we attach great importance to making you feel comfortable in a pleasant atmosphere. Our trained staff will take care of your request individually. We rely on gentle treatment methods and explain each step in detail to reduce uncertainties and fears.