Cennet Dalmis


Cennet Dalmis

Aesthetic medicine doctor
Specialist in gynecology

"Preserve naturalness"

It is your desire to subtly support your body with its own beauty from time to time and look natural. With our minimally invasive treatment and in the field of cosmetic surgery, we offer you individual options to feel completely comfortable.

Signs of aging accompany us all in the course of time. However, a healthy diet, exercise and mindfulness of our bodies are not enough to counteract this natural process. With certain measures, such as creams, we are reaching the limit of what is possible. We use them to make the skin look better. However, the creams only penetrate the top layer of the skin and cannot prevent wrinkles, skin sagging or volume reduction. And that is precisely why it is important for you to use aesthetic medicine to feel more beautiful.

When it comes to appearance and well-being, you are at Dr.med. Dalmis in the best hands. Her motto is “NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL – it is well done when others do not see that you have had something done. If the treatment makes you look fresh and refreshed, then it’s just right.”

Our services for you

Minimally invasive, i.e. without surgery

Are used against expression lines, excessive sweating under the armpits, tension headaches, as well as the most effective therapy for teeth grinding. Botox has a temporary effect and is completely broken down again within a few months.

For volume reduction in the area of the face. Hyaluron, which also occurs naturally in the skin, is applied directly under the skin. injected into the skin to plump up the wrinkle or area from below. Among other things, it can be used to fill lips, cheeks, nasolabial folds, chin wrinkles and the tear troughs.

Deeper and denser penetration of fine needles after anesthetizing the skin, initiates destruction of the skin and subsequently forms new skin. Thus, the skin texture can be refined or acne scars can be treated.

The patient’s own blood is taken, spun in a machine and the plasma that is formed is extracted and injected into the skin. The plasma has growth factors, which is to stimulate the connective tissue. It makes the skin look fresher.

With connective tissue forming substances: The substance used here is gradually broken down by the body and causes new connective tissue to be formed at the application site, thereby leading to the desired tensile effects.

With this technique, sutures are placed under local anesthesia into the subcutaneous fat tissue, where they are placed. Gradually, the sutures dissolve and are replaced by connective tissue in the area. This results in tensile effects, e.g. on the face or eyebrows.

Local injection of deoxycholine (bile acids) can be used to treat individual areas of fat on the body that are not too large, including the abdomen, neck, waist or arms. It is intended mainly for those who do not want to undergo liposuction surgery, but still want to get rid of the unloved parts of the body that do not go away despite exercise and diet.

Cosmetic surgery

For so-called drooping or sagging eyelids, protrusions of the lower eyelid. We use delicate surgical techniques so that they are quickly “fit for the public” again.

Drooping of the forehead causes not only drooping eyelids, but also more or less drooping of the eyebrows. The brow lift can be performed either passagerly with sutures or for a permanent effect as surgery. Often the brow lift is performed in combination with a drooping eyelid surgery.

Against stronger sagging of the facial area these operations are performed. Thus, more tissue can be lifted in the opposite direction of the sagging and leads to more effect than the minimally invasive measures without surgery.

for defining and contouring not too large areas of the body such as the abdomen, flanks or neck. In this procedure, fluid is introduced into the relevant tissue and drawn out by means of a suction device.

in case of asymmetry or larger labia, the corresponding areas can be adjusted or reduced by means of surgery.

Surgery to restore the hymen.

"I am 100% satisfied, as an extreme anxiety patient I was completely picked up and even enjoy coming now, was able to return to work the next day and was very comfortable. I was also still completely pain free after getting my fixed teeth the same day."

Günter Flottmann

"I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the professional and at the same time loving care and the eyelid surgery. I have never felt so well taken care of and looked after. The result is terrific. Thank you Dr. Seitz to you and your team!"

Monika Segura

"Implantation of the upper and lower jaw with immediate restoration with a long-term temporary. I would particularly like to emphasize the expertise of Dr. Seitz and his associated calm manner ... The surgery days were very well organized ... Just Dr. Seitz and his team!"

Rating from Jameda

"Everything top, competent doctor
My friend had also previously had her drooping eyelids operated on by him and was very satisfied. I then also decided to have the eyelid surgery with him and it looks excellent. The surgery itself was very quick and, to my surprise, not unpleasant even under local anesthesia.
I had no bruises and looked really good after a short time."

Rating from Jameda

"Extremely competent, experienced oral surgeon to recommend without reservation! Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Seitz has remained a down-to-earth human being despite his young years with many titles. It was important to me that the gum build-up phase and the respective healing phase correlate. 2 canine teeth had to be replaced by implants. I am glad to have booked the "all-round care package" and also thank the great practice team!"

Rating from Jameda