Oral surgery

Painless treatments

Oral surgery refers to a specialized form of dentistry that deals with surgical procedures in the mouth and jaw area. These include, for example, wisdom tooth removals, apicoectomies and temporomandibular joint treatments. Implants and bone augmentation are also part of the job of an oral surgeon.

Before a procedure, the oral surgeon performs a careful examination to minimize potential risks. Most procedures are performed under local anesthesia, but extensive surgery may require general anesthesia.

Modern technologies such as digital imaging facilitate and optimize the performance of procedures and enable more precise and gentle treatments. Careful follow-up is also important to avoid complications and promote rapid patient recovery.

Oral surgery plays an important role in dentistry and can help patients improve their oral health and quality of life.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Dr. med. habil. M.Sc.

Oliver Seitz

Aesthetic facial surgery
Plastic and aesthetic surgery
Specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery

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For the preservation of natural tooth substance.

So that further and professional treatment is possible.

When the position of the teeth is difficult.

Removal and filling of the resulting spaces with autologous or artificial bone material.

Gum reconstruction in periodontitis.

Facial pain, temporomandibular joint pain, lymph node swelling, maxillary sinus discomfort, salivary gland discomfort, facial nerve and muscle disorders, inflammation of the teeth, bones and gums.

Be pain-free again quickly.

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For fast healing.

Gentle removal of salivary stone or salivary glands.

Gentle therapy of severe maxillary sinusitis.

Sustainable build-up of the jaw bone in preparation for successful dental implantation.

For children, anxiety and high-risk patients, intolerances, before cardiac surgery, etc.

Removal of changes in the mucosa of the tongue, lip, palate and floor of the mouth.

Obtaining informative tissue samples from an aesthetic point of view Close cooperation for diagnostics and further treatment.