Safir Academy

Scientific Academy for Implant Restoration

New challenges on the implantology horizon.

In 2023, we founded the interdisciplinary scientific academy for implant restorations SAFIR.

Implants have become an indispensable part of modern dentistry. The average survival rate of dental implants over a period of 10 years is well over 90 percent and many questions in the field of implantology are considered to have been clarified.

But by no means all!

In addition, new problems and challenges are appearing on the implantological horizon because, particularly in view of the longer retention time of more and more implants placed, inflammatory diseases of the peri-implant tissue, among other things, must be expected to increase.

We at SAFIR are committed to open scientific discussion of the unresolved and emerging implantology issues and invite all interested parties to join us in this dynamic process.