Dental Implantology – Issue 3-2023

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Dr. Oliver Seitz M.Sc. is editor-in-chief of the dental implantology and periodontology journal.

Bismarck - The Iron Chancellor

Recently, we have stumbled upon the Iron Chancellor and his work more often. On the one hand, one of our elected representatives revealed an educational gap, but on the other hand, we also dealt with the topics of non-wage costs and net wage optimization. In the process, we came across the Reichsversicherungsordnung, which had its origins in Bismarck’s social legislation, via the social insurance system. But who was Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen?

Bismarck was born in Schönhausen (Elbe) on April 1, 1815, and died in Friedrichsruh on July 30, 1898. From 1871 to 1890, he was the first Chancellor of the German Empire, whose founding he had been instrumental in promoting. Bismarck is considered the founder of German unification and the modern welfare state.

Numerous aphorisms have come down to us from him, one of which is very well known: “There is never so much lying as before the election, during the war and after the hunt”. He received the nickname “Iron Chancellor” because he made the saying “I consider any policy better than a vacillating one” his motto in life. Both quotes are also our claim as editors of Dental Implantology & Periodontology, because we are neither on the hunt, nor at war, nor facing an election, and we stand for clear, verifiable facts. Therefore, we are pleased to present you the current issue with the following technical articles:

Our Cologne colleague Prof. Peter Hahner presents the current status of diagnostics and professional biofilm management in implant aftercare in a detailed literature review. In addition, his article also contains practical advice.

The working group led by Dr. Volz and Prof. Schnurr rightly states that esthetic long-term results continue to be a challenge in implant dentistry. At the same time, they explain in their technical paper what they believe is important in the soft tissue management of immediately loaded zirconia implants.

On the topic of implant therapy for incomplete growth, we were able to attract 2 experienced teams of authors for this issue. Dr. Thomas Barth and colleagues report on sustainable therapeutic approaches and show in detail how they solved a treatment case not anticipated in another practice. In their article, they refer to their colleague Tetsch from Münster, who also wrote an article for this issue. From his rich fund of patient cases, he introduces the problem in great detail and then offers a sophisticated solution with prospective implantation according to the 5D principle. This approach to solving problems, combined with his extensive experience, results in first-class solved case studies.

Our current issue is rounded off by the DGOI Association News, articles on various practice management topics and contributions from our industry partners.

All of the expert authors show that you don’t have to lie to provide top-notch care to your patients. But you also have to stay on the ball, because standing still means going backwards.

We provide you with the necessary technical input.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Dr. Oliver Seitz M.Sc. & Dr. Jan-Friedrich Dehner

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