Implantologie dentaire – Édition 3-2023

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Dr. Oliver Seitz M.Sc. is rédacteur en chef du magazine spécialisé en implantologie dentaire et en parodontologie.

Bismarck - Le chancelier de fer

These past few years, we have often wondered about the Iron Chancellor and his actions. On the one hand, one of our representatives of the people has revealed a shortcoming in her training, but on the other hand, we are also looking at the issues of indirect salary costs and the optimization of net salaries. That being said, we are tombés sur le code des assurances sociales du Reich, qui trouve son origine dans la législation sociale de Bismarck. But who was Otto Eduard Leopold von Bismarck-Schönhausen?

Bismarck est né le 1er avril 1815 à Schönhausen (Elbe) et est mort le 30 juillet 1898 à Friedrichsruh. From 1871 to 1890, he was the first Chancellor of the German Empire, of which he was the principal craftsman of its creation. Bismarck is considered to be the founder of German unification and the modern social state.

He left us a number of aphorisms, one of which is well known: “You don’t think any more than before the elections, during the war and after the hunt”. The surname “Chancelier de fer” was given to him because he made the phrase “Je considère que toute politique vaut mieux qu’une politique chancelante” the motto of his life. These two citations are also our requirement as editors of Dental Implantology & Periodontology, because we are not on the hunt, we are not at war, we are not under election and we defend clear and reliable facts. That is why we have the pleasure of presenting this edition to you with the following specialized articles:

Our colleague in Cologne, Professor Peter Hahner, presents the current status of the diagnosis and professional management of biofilm during implant surgery in a detailed literature review. In addition, his contribution also contains practical advice.

The working group of Dr. Volz and Dr. Schnurr rightly states that long-term esthetic results remain a challenge in implantology. In addition, they explain in their technical article what, according to them, is important in the management of tissus mousses of implants en zircone mis en charge immédiatement.

For this edition, we have been able to bring together 2 teams of experienced authors on the subject of implant treatment in cases of inadequate growth. Dr. Thomas Barth and his colleagues give an account of judicious long-term therapeutic approaches and show in detail how they resolved a case of treatment that had not been anticipated in another cabinet. In their article, they refer to their colleague Tetsch de Münster, who also wrote an article for this issue. Relying on his rich inventory of patient cases, he introduces the problem in great detail and then proposes a sophisticated solution based on the 5D principle of prospective implantation. This approach, combined with his extensive experience, makes it possible to obtain first-class solutions.

Our current edition is complemented by new articles from the DGOI association, articles on various topics relating to the management of the dental practice and contributions from our industrial partners.

All the specialist authors show that it is not necessary to mentor in order to provide first-class care to their patients. But it must also be taken seriously, because immobilization is synonymous with regression.

Nous vous apportons l’aide technique nécessaire.

Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Dr. Oliver Seitz M.Sc. & Dr. Jan-Friedrich Dehner

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