We give you a bright smile

Priv.-Doz. Dr. med. Dr. med. dent. Dr. med. habil. M.Sc.

Oliver Seitz

Aesthetic facial surgery
Plastic and aesthetic surgery
Specialist for oral and maxillofacial surgery

Many years of experience with special expertise

Would you like to have fixed dentures that are indistinguishable from natural white teeth and with which you can pass on your radiance? Lifelong dental health means a lot to you in this regard? With our exceptional range of medical implant master craftsmanship, we can fulfill this wish for you in just one day.

When it comes to your dental health, you are in the best hands with us. Our specialty is implantology. Priv.-Doz. Dr. Dr. Seitz applies 10 implant systems with professional knowledge. This is a rarity among implantologists. Patients whose cases were considered complicated and hopeless and whose treatment required very specialized expertise are often referred to him and successfully treated.

Firm white new teeth in just one day

We have had the pleasure of making many patients happy, and now we have taken it upon ourselves to present our expertise even more comprehensively.
In detailed preliminary discussions and, of course, examinations adapted to your situation, we get a feeling together with you for exactly what you need and really want.

We are happy to involve your dentist in this process. Of course, we also work with highly professional dental technicians who will also be happy to provide you with advice.

When everything has been clarified, which for us also includes a clarification of the financial issues (cost estimate, etc.) then they come to our special service area, when flying one would say in our business lounge:
An appointment for the operation will be made with you by specially trained staff. On this day you will arrive around 7:45. Either you will be asleep from 8 o’clock or you will be locally anesthetized so that we can remove the teeth that are no longer worth preserving for you without any problems. Immediately afterwards, your abutments, i.e. the implants, are placed under complete surgical conditions (sterile conditions) using digital preliminary planning. In more than 90% of cases, immediate restoration will be possible. However, this of course depends on the strength of your jawbone, which cannot be 100% definitively determined with any examination prior to surgery. Immediate treatment takes place after the procedure in one of our treatment rooms or even a day later, so that you can rest first.

Our patients are completely overwhelmed by the new look, the new chewing sensation and the new quality of life – we would be delighted if you also put your trust in us.

Health begins in the mouth

Poorly fitted teeth can affect the overall statics of the entire dentition and, in extreme cases, make the other teeth sick as well.

Ideally, the jaw is still healthy with a stable base.

If the remaining teeth in the upper and lower jaw are not so good anymore, we will extract the remaining teeth of the respective jaw without any pain. After that, we will place implants on which a fixed prosthesis will be attached. This allows them to last and give you a lifetime of enjoyment.

If all requirements are met, you come to our practice in the morning and go home with fixed teeth in the evening. If desired, this procedure can be performed under twilight sleep or general anesthesia. Save yourself time and money this way.

Other services

Dental prosthesis on implants

At the patient’s request, we also fabricate matching dentures on the new implants.
Find out more about our range of services here.

Implant cleaning

With deep implant cleaning, we offer you the highest technical progress with implants that are still in good condition, but have germ colonization and therefore require technological cleaning to be able to treat them in this way. In order for you to enjoy your high quality implants longer, we eliminate the bacteria that may cause disease and result in loss of the implants. For this purpose, we use a very special cleaning technique based on the latest scientific studies. It allows you to have a long oral and jaw health by eliminating the precursors or inflammation. Let us advise you.



We offer you various modern options of anesthesia, so that you can have the procedure as relaxed as possible: Local anesthesia, a twilight sleep or general anesthesia.

Local anesthesia
Regional anesthesia is the familiar injection. In the course of this method, we numb only the part of your mouth that we treat (e.g., the molars in the upper or lower jaw). To do this, we use a fine cannula to inject around the nerve trunks and nerve branches. This causes anesthesia to the area that extends downward from the injection site.

Analgesia (twilight sleep)
During analgesia, we administer pain medication and sedatives/sleeping pills through a venous access that we place prior to treatment. The drugs induce a deep state of relaxation and have an anti-anxiety effect. You sleep during the treatment and do not notice anything. Unlike general anesthesia, analgesia does not require artificial respiration. During the relaxed and anxiety-free twilight sleep, you breathe on your own accord and can be awakened from this state at any time.

General anesthesia
For larger or more complicated dental treatments, there is also the possibility of general anesthesia. In this process, you are put into an artificial sleep. While you sleep, you will not feel any pain. An additional advantage is that you do not notice anything about the therapy. We often use general anesthesia for the treatment of children – of course in consultation with you.