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Cennet Dalmis

Aesthetic medicine
Preventive Medicine
Specialist in gynecology

Targeted therapies for a healthy and happy life

It means a lot to them to prevent illnesses if possible and at the same time to actively take advantage of health-promoting measures. We would like to support you with a targeted therapy.

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Ozone therapy

With this method, ozone is generated from medical oxygen. The ozone is mixed with the blood by puncture of a vein and put back into the body. With the method according to Lahotny, not only one pass of blood recirculation takes place, but several and performed in higher dosage. That is, the body receives a higher overall concentration and volume of ozonated blood.

The effects of ozone are very diverse:
Firstly, it leads to the regulation of the immune system through various processes, it leads to better oxygenation of tissues, it is detoxifying, antibacterial, antiviral. It can reduce pain by acting on inflammatory mediators, make tissues heal better, heal in, and improve blood flow to tissues, thus promoting the removal of harmful substances. In cancer therapy, ozone can be used as a supportive measure. Chemotherapies are more tolerable. The susceptibility to infections decreases. People who do ozone therapy feel fitter and more alert and perform better. This is also the reason why ozone is not allowed as doping in sports.

Ozone can be used on a very wide range of people and has few exclusion criteria.

Vitamin infusion

As an independent therapy, but mostly in combination with ozone therapy, we administer a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, nutritional supplements and homeopathic remedies with infusions according to specific regimens.

CO2 Insufflation

To naturally stimulate tissue regeneration, CO2 can be injected locally into the skin so that, in the case of superficial veins or facial signs of aging, the body sets its own repair mechanisms in motion by improving blood circulation, thus improving the initial condition.