Soirée de conférence exclusive pour les professionnels de la médecine dentaire : “Planification numérique – succès prévisible ?” le 18.10.2023

Presentation of the integration of a digital workflow in implantology and the challenges to be overcome in order to achieve this.

The numerical planning of implants is revolutionizing dentistry and is synonymous with precision and efficiency. With “Guided Surgery”, systems such as ProGuide and copa sky make it possible to plan and carry out precise assisted implantations using an OR.

Complete data sets from scanners and radiographs are now available for an individualized treatment strategy. Modern prosthetic concepts offer convincing aesthetic and functional solutions for partially dentate and dentate mouths. The RevoCone® concept incorporates innovative techniques and materials for exceptional implantation results.

Thanks to the combination of 3D planning and guided static surgery, it is possible to completely treat patients on the same day.

For a successful implementation in practice, it is important that both the team and the technologies used are in harmony. Continued training and adaptation to the latest standards are just as essential as the choice of good technological partners. The aim is always to provide the patient with the best treatment possible.

The numerical planning of implants allows not only to improve the precision of the treatment, but also to improve the patient’s experience, from the first consultation to the final result.

la date et l’heure :

18.10.2023 à 16:00 heures

Lieu de formation continue :

Académie de formation continue Safir chez
ZMZ Rhine-Main Management GmbH
7, rue Wilhelm-Röntgen
63477 Maintal

Déroulement :

16h00 : Accueil par PD Dr. mult. Oliver Seitz M. Sc. et ZTM Thomas Gross

Conférence “Planification numérique – succès prévisible ? Dr. med. dent. Tim Übermuth M.Sc.

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Nombre de participants limité !
Inscription obligatoire jusqu’au 02.10.2023 à ou par tél. No 06181 428996 0
Participation is free of charge.

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